Callout to all supporters of Palestine: oppose the Australian government’s inhumane changes to refugee policy

The Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid (CAIA) is shocked, saddened and outraged by the Australian government’s recent announcement that Australia will ignore its obligations to refugees by refusing to process the claims of asylum seekers in Australia.

Palestine refugees

CAIA believes that this issue is one that all supporters of Palestine should be raising their opposition against.

As long as there are an estimated five million Palestinian refugees worldwide, the question of refugee rights go hand in hand with the rights of the Palestinians.  Australian governments have an atrocious history when it comes to its treatment of Palestinian refugees.

In the detention centre on Nauru there are currently 17 Palestinian refugees. Six of these Palestinians were recently beaten unconsciousby guards after protesting for their rights in the centre. The famous Palestinian samoud – steadfastness – has withstood many beatings from Israel, it is tragic that such beatings are now happening at the behest of the Australian government.

The detention centre that this occurred at is run by the same company, G4S, which is also the company responsible for security in the Israeli jail in which Palestinian Arafat Jaradat was tortured to death earlier this year.

Supporters of the cause of Palestine are, above all else, supporters of the cause of human rights and dignity. The Australian government is determined to strip refugees of these. 

Ultimately, it is crucial for the Palestinians that their right of return to historic Palestine be respected. But, until the day comes where that right is acknowledged, we stand for the rights of Palestinian and, indeed, all refugees against this government’s brutal policies towards asylum seekers.

CAIA is proud to be adding our voice to those calling for a more humane refugee policy and encourage all fellow supporters of Palestine to do the same.

Rally for refugees in your state:

1pm Sat 27 July
State Library

Canberra – ALP conference
1pm Sat 27 July
Woden Square

Sydney city
12pm Sun 28 July
Sydney Town Hall

Sydney West
12pm Sun 28 July
Mount Druitt Hub

1pm Sat 27 July
King George Square

1pm Sat 27 July
Murray st Mall

1pm Sat 27 July
Parliament House


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